Lenovo ThinkPad Battery 70++ - notebook battery - Li-Ion - 94 Wh

MPN: 0A36303

Lenovo ThinkPad Battery 70++ - notebook battery - Li-Ion - 94 Wh

Keep your device unplugged for longer with the 9-cell ThinkPad Battery 70++. The average run time is..

MPN: 0A36303

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Why should modern enterprises invest in additional Notebook Accessories?

By owning and pairing a range of accessories with your enterprise Notebook devices, you can maximize your regular work experience, keep devices in the best shape, and meet cost efficiency & productivity goals. With HayatsPro’s durable and custom Notebook Accessories as:

  • Notebook stands and mounts - You can enhance your screen viewing experience with 360-degree swivel bases, space-saving, and aluminum built stands & mounts.

  • Tethering accessories - You can swiftly chain multiple external devices like cameras, storage supplies, computers for instant media, or document transfer.

  • Notebook Batteries - You can replace your old expired batteries with new ones based on the model number, charging, voltage needs -- to always stay up & running.

  • Notebook Power Adapter - You can replace old worn out Notebook Adapters with new ones to never let your devices go off the hook.

  • Notebook carrying/protection cases - You can keep your device safe and easy for transport with external or accidental drop with impact-resistant handy Notebook cases or tote bags.

We have so much more exciting range of Notebook accessories that your device needs to keep momentum with your on-the-go working needs!

How to prevent Notebooks from overheating?

Nowadays thin-bodied notebooks and laptops lack enough space for powerful cooling systems. It’s best if you buy additional Notebook cooling pads to increase the existing efficiency of your device’s internal fans. These cooling pads help in adding sufficient airflow to your notebooks to prevent the system from getting overheated.

HayatsPro has a range of all essential Notebook accessories that can keep your devices up for full functionality round the clock!

What are the best accessories to support my Notebook’s interconnectivity with other devices?

You can go for a Notebook port replicator and docking station to bring on-the-go interconnectivity between your networking devices like laptop, printers, Notebooks. These gadgets will support you in expanding your coordinating device’s connectivity over a network. You can go for HayatsPro’s variant input & output sources as USB connectors, ethernet ports, or more to handle and share a massive workload with ease and productivity.

Why choose HayatsPro for Notebook accessories collective buy?

At HayatsPro, we understand your enterprise’s need to always be “up” and “functioning”. Thus, we bring you a quality range of Notebook accessories as Notebook batteries, chargers, protection cases, networking connectors, and more of best-in-class quality. Whether you are exceptionally looking for “Notebook batteries dell '', “Asus Notebook batteries”, “Duracell notebook batteries” or other accessories, we have products listed from every quality brand you trust paying for.

Factor in the best custom accessories at HayatsPro to enhance your technological experience and meet your business’s overall bottom lines!

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