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Why should modern businesses invest in high-end workstation PC?

The latest workstation models are helpful to meet your enterprise’s intelligent performance & heavy workloads needs. They are:

  • Made for multitasking needs - Their high-level operating systems allow your CAD professionals or designers to switch between different tasks, to create rich & interactive designs, without performance lag.

  • Made on top of high-level performance & power - They increase computing power & maintain energy efficiency by driving 70 % more performance /watt. It lets your analysts or designers do more without slowing down.

  • Made with professional-grade parts - These powerful workhorses are configured together with robust & professional-grade components as NVIDIA graphics cards, Intel processors, Tesla GPU options, low latency memory, impeccable multimedia editing resolution.

  • Made with stringent control testing - High-end workstations for CAD are built and tested by industry engineers for their stability and longevity.

HayatsPro brings you a versatile range of next-gen workstations for video editing & analysis tasks from the best brands!

How workstations are different from standard PCs?

Standards PCs are made to deliver daily word processing tasks, while workstations PCs are made from specialized components for heavy computational & graphical tasks. Workstations for CAD helps with 3D images & video editing, data analysis, video & audio production, realistic simulation, weather modeling, and other intricate & calculative scientific tasks.

HayatsPro provides high-level multifunction workstations for home offices to commercial real-estate from renowned brands!

What storage configurations do these workstations for CAD come with?

The modern workstations for sale at HayatsPro are capable to support heavy memory & data-intensive applications with:

  • High-end 3D accelerators for higher performance per watt.

  • SCSI or Fibre Channel disk storage systems that attaches storage & servers at high-speed.

  • Single or multiple 64-bit processors for maximum memory amounts.

  • 16-32 GB RAM for fast processing of multiple files & software memory in use.

Browse from our select workstations with storage capabilities to perform high-memory intensive tasks!

Why choose HayatsPro for next-gen workstations for office?

At HayatsPro, we vend high-quality and most reliable workstation computers from top brands like HP, Lenovo, Dell, and more. Each and every component of the models we sell are rigorously tested by our executive; in terms of their optimal airflow, acoustical & thermal properties, and overall performance. We have only considered best-in-class brand selections to surpassingly meet your explicit workloads & performance expectations.

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