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Why should modern businesses equip their IT infrastructure with headphones & accessories?

By gearing your IT hardware & workspace with the latest technology integrated headphones or Bluetooth stereo earphones and supportive accessories like an earbud cushion, you can empower your workforce to:

  • Take up crystal-clear audio calls & boost conversations with pivotal offshore clients or customers.

  • Take up crucial interpersonal communication between teams, departments during the quick huddle, project update, or product meetings.

  • Enjoy the lighter side of work by turning on the motivational podcasts or any stress releasing audio media.

  • Conduct more rigorous research by watching audio/video based media resources like impactful competitive documentaries, recorded product demos & client specs.

  • Deliver more focused & productive outcomes by reducing ambient noise levels.

HayatsPro vends you the assorted range of headphones & accessories made with top-class features & versatility!

Which one is better to buy --- earphones or headphones?

Both earphones & headphones are good options to accommodate in any audio-media reproduction environment. You can pair full-designed wireless stereo earphones/headphones with your mobile devices to get noise-free, quality audio playback & communications on-the-go. And if you own an enterprise facility with embedded PCs and computing devices, you can plug in the on-ear, padded, and wired stereo headphones that are comfortable & secured fit for stationary units.

HayatsPro has an exciting range of quality-made wired headphones & wireless plugs that are ideal for your versatile listening needs!

Do headphones support audio equipment other than computers?

The advanced technology integrated headphones are highly-compatible with your diverse audio equipment like smartphones, music players, conventional audio equipment. Wired headphones contain mini-plugs that are supportive of many devices. While if you get wireless headphones, they are compatible with your majority of mobile audio devices, supporting Bluetooth technology.

HayatsPro brings you the select models of wired and wireless headphones --- that seamlessly connect with multiple audio sources.

How much range can these Bluetooth headphones cover?

Bluetooth is the most common data transmission standard & protocol for wireless audio streaming. You will find most of the wireless headphones using Type 2 Bluetooth, which can support your audio streaming up to a maximum stretch of 30 feet. 

HayatsPro brings you the finest collection of branded wireless headphones with seamless sound reproduction capabilities!

Which is the best lightweight & portable headphone option?

In-ear headphones or earphones, wired or wireless, are the best option for quick & seamless audio reproduction purposes. They being tiny, can easily fit directly into your ear canal. Their lightweight structure is a perfect solution for your actively traveling smartphones and music systems. And with their support for low ambient noise, you can quickly make calls, listen to any audio media files, even in the highly-crowded places.

HayatsPro has a selective range of quality-approved in-ear headphones/earbuds from top-grade brands at steal deals!

Why Choose HayatsPro for advanced headphones accessories?

HayatsPro is an authorized reseller of quality-made, versatile designed, and multipurpose headphones with accessories as earbud sleeves & more. We have Bose headphones accessories, Sony headphones accessories, and Beats headphones accessories, and lots of other reliable branded products - that you can comfortably buy. We help you factor in the best range of headphones & audio accessories that are tailor-made to your specific audio reproduction needs!

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