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How Virtual Reality accessories as headsets, controllers are useful for businesses?

With HayatsPro’s smart range of virtual reality accessories for PC, you can experience & interact with the 3D world with head-mounted VR headsets having high-resolution display & integrated speaker technology --- to get helped around your business’s simulation tasks as --- performance optimization, testing, product designing, safety engineering, workforce training & education without being onsite.

What virtual reality gaming accessories to own for VR gaming?

To experience real-life playability with active movements, you must own these Virtual reality gaming accessories and peripherals:

  • VR gaming headsets & goggles - VR gaming headsets & goggles are the most important accessories for VR gaming. Invest in high-end, motion-control VR headsets & goggles that can help you experience a simulated 3D game environment.

  • VR game controllers - Get a hand-based motion detector/controller to sense your real-life physical actions as walking, turning, jumping, and use them for gaming performance.

At HayatsPro, we offer a full line of virtual reality gaming accessories and peripherals that translate every realistic movement on-screen and have wide connectivity scope with high-configuration gaming PCs, Laptops, Consoles, and smartphones.

What are the specifications of VR ready PCs?

HayatsPro recommends you to have specs such as NVIDIA GTX 980 or AMD R9 390 GPU or more, i5-6500 CPU or greater, SSD (PCIe NVMe recommended), and 16GB+ RAM for a VR-ready PC.

Check out our range of virtual reality accessories for PC that is just right for your every unique virtual reality experience!

What room length do virtual reality gaming accessories support?

To support your indulgence in VR games with active physical movements like jumping, turning, ducking, there are VR gaming accessories that let you have free movement in a room up to 15x15ft. 

HayatsPro’s range of accessories for virtual reality gives you an immersive display even in controlled environments!

Why choose HayatsPro to buy Virtual Reality headset accessories & peripherals?

HayatsPro is a reseller of types of innovative technology-enabled, motion-control VR equipment as virtual reality headset accessories, wireless controllers, 3D VR system, link box, earbud hearing protection headphones, smart display glasses, flash memory, and more from powerful brands like RealWear, Oculus, HTC, and more --- at best deals & integration service.

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